Oracle Types

There are various type of services in Bridge oracle system. In order to use a specific type of service, proper API contract should be imported into user’s smart contract based on owner’s requirements. So there are various API contracts in Bridge ecosystem, each has special functionality. Various API contracts include:

  • Public API contract
  • Enterprise API contracts that are dedicated to each company or organization which is volunteer to sell data for BRG token
  • Decentralized API contract

It should be noted that using each of above contracts depends on user’s requirements.

Public API Contract

Public API contract has been designed to simply obviate requirements from external data that the validity of data or proving the validity of data is not that important for user. Of course in this method various kind of proofs will be provided to resolve proof of validity of data in a near future.

Enterprise API Contract

Enterprise API contract has been provided for enterprise companies and organizations that own dedicated and special data which are not published and shared publicly. These companies and organizations can sell such data using Bridge system and users who need such data can import that company’s dedicated API contract. This API contract redirects users’ requests to that company’s contract on which company’s dedicated oracle data carriers watch and respond users’ contracts directly and inject dedicated data into their contract privately. Companies and organizations can exchange their dedicated information for BRG token which is paid by users’ smart contracts. In fact enterprise organizations can make money by selling data to Bridge users. This is one of Bridge system’s business plans. Business plans are discussed in whitepaper.

Decentralized API Contract

Decentralized API contract has been prepared for those users that needs to implement a fully decentralized platform. Thus they need to fetch external data using a decentralized oracle system as well. As developing such infrastructure is in our future plans, details of designing such oracle system will be reported in future.